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When the Stock Markets Collapse, so do People..

Last week’s tsunami on the financial markets is bound to have far-reaching implications on the financial health of many  corporations and governments , but its the health of the individual which will be  of utmost concern.

I wrote earlier about the importance of prevention (see here), so it really is heartening to see that crisis management is really being practised by the Hong Kong health authorities.

The Social Welfare Department (SWD)  in Hong Kong will inject additional funding of HK$1.2 million into the CEASE Crisis Centre and the Family Crisis Support Centre to strengthen support services for people with emotional and family problems arising from personal financial crisis amid the recent global financial turmoil. The hotlines will be manned by registered social workers around the clock. See here.

Said a spokesman,   “In addition, social workers will provide face-to-face counselling and organise support groups to help individuals and families with emotional or family problems arising from personal financial crisis by strengthening their skills in coping with stress and working out positive ways to manage their problems.  Where necessary, social workers will also refer cases to appropriate welfare services for follow-up.”

Just wondering, will they accept long-distance calls? There should be quite a queue from Wall Street.

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