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Michael Jackson Trial: The Verdict Could Only Go One Way

Efficient Justice - a police guard fastens the handcuffs soon after the verdict is read

The verdict’s in..and the stifled shriek heard in the courtroom when the jury foreman announced it appeared more of a confirmation of the expected, rather than a well-earned heavily-fought court battle.

Indeed, the alibis created by the Dr Conrad Murray‘s defence lawyers that MJ had drunk the propofol (which was eventually dropped) and  that he had self-administered the injection with the intention that the singer could be partially blamed for his death smacked very much of desperation than anything else.

It seemed clear to the jury that propofol, a drug that needs to be administered intravenously, was beyond MJ’s state of mind and ability, especially since  he had already popped in a myriad of sleeping pills earlier. Therefore, the drug had to be administered by the attending doctor. Therein lay the catch – propofol, as an anaesthetic, is only administered with continuous monitoring in a hospital setting, with emergency resuscitation equipment on standby and various devices monitoring the patient’s bodily functions.

The jury was sensationally shown this image of Jackson's dead body by the prosecution early on in Murray's trial (Reuters)

Under California’s tough involuntary manslaughter statute, it is not enough for the defence  to demonstrate that MJ had contributed to his death as a result of his drug addiction; Dr Murray should have forseen, as his attending doctor, that MJ was a drug addict, and hence should have forewarned the victim.

Given this tough standard, there was not much chance of Dr Murray escaping the inevitable conclusion..

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