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Medical Marijuana – the Momentum Multiplies

To the casual observer, it would seem surprising that marijuana would be legalised under the Obama administration. Law-enforcers will apparently not arrest users and sellers of marijuana (aka weed,grass,cannabis,hashish,ganja) – provided they conform to US state laws on its use for strictly  medical purposes.

A legalised marijuana dispensary in Oakland,Calif - authorities in LA are clamping down and closing 475, leaving only 70 in 2010

New Jersey became the latest  USA state to allow its medical use, adding to the 14 which had done so earlier. Unlike California,  where doctors are authorizing patients to take marijuana to relieve such minor ailments as anxiety, headache, premenstrual syndrome, and trouble sleeping,  New Jersey has tightened regulations to allow its medical use only for people who have less than a year to live, or those with specific symptoms resulting from certain chronic diseases like AIDS, cancer and Crohn’s.

Marijuana tincture - early 20th century pain relief

Marijuana has been used medicinally  as an intoxicant for thousands of years in Eastern culture. In Western medicine, several well-known pharmaceutical companies, including Eli Lilly , sold cannabis in powdered or tincture forms in the early 20th century as a painkiller, antispasmodic, sedative, and “exhilarant.” Since then, its use declined because more effective drugs for these purposes became available.

Now, researchers have shown its usefulness  in the treatment of neuropathic pain (intense pain due to nerve damage), improving nausea and poor appetite in patients on chemotherapy as well as releasing muscle spasms in patients with multiple sclerosis. While medical research has been slow, (researchers are finding it difficult to get the plant legally and to get permission to undertake such research), its medical use remains controversial in many areas other than the few indications above.

Wishful Thinking - Proponents of Legalising Marijuana Hope To See This Kind of Outlets!

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