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Milk, It Eats..oops, Drinks Both Ways,Too

The last posting highlighted that the US has its hands full with the peanut scandal (see here), just as China was mired in the melamine milk melamine-milk-bottle1mishap  last year.  Now it looks like its payback time as China appears to be on the offensive to state that it wasn’t the only culprit in the melamine issue.

The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision said today it was investigating whether Dumex, the powdered-milk unit of France’s Danone Group, had produced milk powder contaminated with melamine. A lot is at stake as Dumex ( Chinese Web site:  www.dumex.com.cn ) sells the most baby milk powder on China’s market in 2005 and 2006 in terms of sales volume and revenue.

Added to the mystery is that the Shanghai health authorities, as reported by China View here, specified that it was only interested in Dumex milk powder produced before Sep 14 2008.

Dumex did not waste any time in denying these allegations. Its Malaysian website www.dumex.com.my today stated that “the current situation in China has been incorrectly reported and our colleagues there have confirmed that Dumex products manufactured in China have been tested thoroughly by certified official laboratories and were found to contain no melamine.”

It certainly will be interesting to see the outcome of the Shanghai investigations..this will dispel any lingering doubt that the melamine milk scandal is a problem not of China alone.

Update (14/02/09) : Chinese authorities have cleared Danone-Dumex of any industrial chemical contamination of their milk products. See here.

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