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Football – When the Violence Is At Home

Balotelli reacts after an apparent foul in the Italy vs Spain match at Euro 2012

With the Euro 2012 soccer finals in progress, its quite understandable when episodes of violence, real or simulated, occur on the field, or even nearby( as the riots after the Russia-Poland game showed). But when this extends into the home, then its a cause of public concern.

Research by BBC News has found there was a surge in domestic violence reports to police during the 2010 World Cup.Police in England noted that reports of domestic violence increased by some 29% during games when England played in the recent 2010 World Cup.  The police expect a similar increase in domestic violence during the current Euro finals and have placed themselves on alert, apart from publicising awareness in the media and working together with related agencies like Domestic Violence UK.

Chris Hancox, from White Ribbon UK, which campaigns against violence to women, said: “If someone’s football team loses, that’s no reason to take it out on anyone, particularly the person they’re supposed to love.”  But the reality is quite the opposite:  arguments about the amount of television watched, alcohol intake, jealousy due to people spending more time with friends and an increase in money spent could lead to an increase in tensions.

Many would agree that alcohol by itself does not cause domestic violence, but could be the catalyst, especially when there is disinhibition after excessive alcohol and deeper emotions begin to surface.

So what does the Football Association (FA) has to say about it? It said it could not comment on what was not a footballing matter. Is that really a fair statement?

Hypersexuality – Tiger Wood’s diagnosis?

With changing times come changing social patterns and different behavior traits. So much so, psychiatrists worldwide are to give official labels to dozens of new  mental disorders. Many such mood disorders and personality traits  are likely to be added to the next edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a book which is considered  the  psychiatrists’ bible for more than 50 years.

According to The Times, when it is finally published in 2013, it will contain some of the following diagnoses which are present in the draft copy:

Hypersexuality-the name of the game

Hypersexuality– the desire for multiple partners, as characterised by Tiger Woods.

Absexuality- also called the “Mary Whitehouse Syndrome” after the campaigner who declared war on pornography on TV; to denote the thrill of being appalled by smut and other obscenities.

Relational Disorder – a condition when 2 people – usually a separating couple – struggle to get on together.

Constantly whinging?

Negativistic Personality Disorder – people who whinge constantly.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder – also known as adult tantrums and best exemplified by road-rage and domestic abuse.

Road Rage -today's phenomenon

Many will not begrudge psychiatrists from giving new labels to ‘new’ mental disorders, but critics believe that with more new labels, there will be many more new business for those in private practice, as well as the possibility of exploitation for profit by drug companies..

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