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Brittany Murphy..Another Drug Casualty

When the news broke Dec 20 that a previously-healthy 32 year-old actress collapsed in the bathroom apparently of “a heart attack”, quite a few observers (me included) immediately targeted prescription drugs as a cause for her death.

Latest revelations by TMZ reveal that paramedics found several drugs in her bedroom: Topamax (anti-seizure meds also to prevent migraines), Methylprednisolone (anti-inflammatory), Fluoxetine (depression med), Klonopin (anxiety med), Carbamazepine (presumably for migraine headaches), Ativan (anxiety med), Vicoprofen (pain reliever), Propranolol (for migraine), Biaxin (antibiotic), Hydrocodone (pain med) and miscellaneous vitamins.

Brittany Murphy, in June 2009, compared with an earlier pic below, gave vent to rumors she was suffering from anorexia

I had earlier posted an article here explaining the common denominator between celebrities like Anna Nicole-Smith, Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson. All three had succumbed to untoward drug interactions where many prescription drugs with similar actions are taken concurrently. The thing to note is that there need not  necessarily be an overdosage of any particular drug . Sometimes normal dosages, when taken at the same time, create a cascading effect and  cause these untoward effects aka drug interactions aka drug toxicity.

Why do such tragic consequences happen?

  1. Usage of several painkillers in an attempt to get fast relief –  people with long-term pain like headaches may resort to increasingly stronger medications as the body gets used  to them. In Brittany’s case, the leaked coroner’s report revealed she was apparently on several painkillers presumably for migraine:  carbamazepine, vicoprofen and hydrocodone ( a synthetic narcotic). The false and wrong rationale is usually that the more one takes, the better for fast pain relief.
  2. Taking a cocktail of sleeping pills to ‘knock off’ – expecting a sleeping pill to work immediately can lead some people to erroneously take ‘more of the same or similar’ in an attempt to induce sleep quickly and perhaps get rid of unpleasant memories of the day. This is compounded when alcohol had been taken as it is a brain “downer”, just like sleeping pills. The combined effects of these pills and alcohol will suppress the brain from allowing the lungs to breathe. Never mix sleeping pills, sedatives, tranquillizers or take them with alcohol.
  3. Alcohol does not jive with many medications – apart from sleeping pills and cold medications, even some antibiotics (eg Bactrim, Flagyl) can cause unpleasant reactions.
  4. Using many doctors or pharmacies – when visiting multiple doctors, it is important tobring along the list of medications in one’s possession so that there is no inadvertent cross-reactions. Similarly, using only one pharmacy enables screening with existing medications to prevent harmful drug interactions.

The Case for Celebrity Crackdowns

Noticed lately the diminishing number of celebrities endorsing health products, anti-aging remedies and cosmetics? The first inkling is to blame it on the recession and the lack of sponsorship funding, but there is more to it than that..


Celebrities like Victoria Beckham will need to watch their step when endorsing beauty products, under new regulations

That’s because celebrities now face a crackdown with new rules on product endorsement. The US Federal Trade Commission last week released new regulations that say that anyone who endorses a product, whether celebrities or bloggers, must make explicit the compensation received from companies. Not only that, celebrities who endorse their services will be liable for any untruthful statements made about products as part of a crackdown by US regulators on a wide range of deceptive marketing practices.

These regulations are aimed more specifically at the  new social media advertising, aka blogs,twitters and the like. This will mean that if a blogger receives a free sample of skin cream and untruthfully claims it cures eczema, for example, the company and the blogger could be sued for false advertising.

These steps address widespread concerns that with the new media, untruthful and exaggerated claims have been made on products, capitalising on the lag in appropriate regulations to cover the new social media platforms .

Not all the undoing can be blamed on the new media. The celebrities sometimes commit a faux pas – ask Sharon Stone.


Sharon Stone - dropped by Christian Dior's China marketing after she blamed the devastating earthquake there on the "bad karma" that comes from the country's human rights record in Tibet.


Ellen Degeneres - endorsing Cover Girl may mean facing a barrage of legal claims

Personally, I feel the area where regulators will be quite busy with will be in anti-aging treatment. From Dr Murad’s line of balms and creams to Cover Girl’s Simply Ageless line, there has been a surfeit of celebrities willing to endorse them. Now they will have to be accountable if someone claims that the treatment does not make them look like a celebrity!

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