Health Alerts

Health Alert(1): FDA issues warning on CT scans for patients with pacemakers

Health Alert(2): Herbal Supplements Interfere With Success of Surgery

Health Alert (3): Bovril recalled by Maker for   Suspected Contamination

Health Alert (4) : Mixing Melamine and Milk

The Melamine Milk Mess – Other Foods Have Been Banned,too

Health Alert (5): New Slimming Pill Banned

Health Alert(6): More Weight-Loss Pills Banned

Health Alert(7) : This Thing Called Chikungunya

Health Alert (8): Pain-Killers That Can Kill

Health Alert (9): A New Malaria Kid on the Block

HealthAlert(10):Diabetes Drug Banned

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2 responses

  1. Doctor are there any side effects for taking glucosamine supplements to counter knee osteroporous
    Taking 1500mg solution form for 1 month and then another 500 mg for another 3-4months.
    If the knee pain does not improve do I continue or
    any other alternative way for remedy.
    Please advise and amny thanks
    Doctor2008: Two side-effects worth remembering is allergy and a tendency to make diabetes worse. Whether glucosamine and chondriotin are effective is still being debated, but generally, if there is no improvement after 3 months, most doctors will cease treatment.

  2. If taking the supplement works do I continue taking or can I stop it completely.
    I really do appreciate your kindness in answering our queries. Thanks
    Doctor2008:If it works, then there’s no cut-off point that has been proven. So I guess,indefinitely.

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