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This is a sunrise view with a difference..captured at 37,000ft on a Boeing 777 heading to Tokyo. For the technically inclined, a Nikon D200 was used set at 1/60sec and f 4.0.

I thought the pic will depict appropriately the dawn of challenges in healthcare which all of us will face..

4 responses

  1. Hey, great pic!
    Here’s looking forward to your blog entries.
    Good Luck!

  2. What u have there is the thermopause. it is always a beautiful sight looking out of a commercial airplane. The energy from the sun supports life and your interpretation of it as the dawn for healthcare is very appropriate. bravo. Here’s to a healthy life.

  3. Salam and Hello! Well, well, well…Welcome to blogworld my friend! This is great! You are doing a service of great importance! Will surely be reading! Nikon D200 eh! Good pix from that camera. Takes time to get used to it. I gave up but my son is enjoying it very much. In fact, been getting back some of the cash spent on it!

  4. What a picture! Its captivating and aptly demonstated. Cheers and best wishes.

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