Drinking Creates New Realities

Just an afterthought in this festive season..

..and just in case, you’re thinking about giving up alcohol in January after the recent excesses, don’t bother say several researchers.

Promises to give up alcohol for a week or two, or even a month, are common in the New Year but are being described as medically futile.

As drinkers begin their DIY “detox” programmes by giving up alcohol, the British Liver Trust is preparing to launch a series of roadshows designed to focus public attention on the growing problem of liver damage.

A consultant hepatologist (liver specialist) in UK has the last word: “Detoxing for just a month in January is medically futile. It can lead to a false sense of security and feeds the idea that you can abuse your liver as much as you like and then sort everything else with a quick fix.

This is not the same of course as saying that one should continue drinking!


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