Choosing The Right Doctor

When it comes to finding out which doctor or hospital is the best for one’s needs, many are quite at a loss. In fact, I’ve been asked this question many times. Here are some pointers:

  • Look for a hospital with a good safety record as well as those possessing a recognised accreditation standard (such hospitals voluntarily undergo screening by a recognised review body, such as the JCI, in order to provide services of a certain minimum quality).
  • Find out from your doctor where he sends his relatives to. What’s good enough for a doctor is usually a stamp of approval. Why, even nurses in the hospital may be able to suggest the right doctor if one cares to ask.
  • Look for a doctor who’s busy. Sure, it means long waiting times, but this might be worth it in the long run.
  •  Some health department websites do provide statistics on how many specific operations are done in a year and what the complication rates are. This way one can opt for the best hospitals for a particular procedure. Here’s a  website that provides info of the best hospitals in the US, for instance –  click here.

    This magazines does yearly surveys to seek out the best

  • At the end of the day, its important that you click with the doctor – a good doctor-patient relationship is extremely important  and contributes a long way to a good outcome..

One response

  1. Doc, you really said it!
    In fact, all my life, I have been doing just that!
    But I seem to look like hunting for the impossible dream!
    I think the points above are more applicable to medical facilities in the US rather than this country!
    I have personally experienced the second point raised by you – asking docs or nurses, to recommend the right doc regarding a medical case.
    And the doc (surgeon) recommended did a wonderful job.
    Prior to that I have been going around other hospitals doing same but somehow sensed that the docs recommended did not really fit.

    I would say that perhaps luck plays a big part!
    I understand that in the US, there is a website where one can rate docs online.
    Perhaps, one such website should be implemented here.
    What say you?

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