Radiation – What’s The Problem?..(2)

No words…just a diagram πŸ™‚


2 responses

  1. I’m having difficulty reading the words in your diagram!?

    Doctor2008 says: Try depressing the SHIFT button and rotating the mouse wheel.

  2. Doc, is it bad to have CT scans?
    I understand that one CT = 400 normal x-rays.
    So, how often should one have CTs?
    Let’s say, one has some sinus problem.
    ENT doc recommends CT.
    One CT done.
    Say, a few months down the road, one has some stomach pain.
    Gastro recommended CT of stomach.
    Another CT done.
    Would these have adverse effects like more chances of cancer?
    Should one inform the doc or even refuse the second CT?
    Thank you.

    Doctor2008 replies: For any medical procedure, there is a risk vs benefit equation. You need to discuss this with your doctor for each procedure that you want to do.

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