The Doctor Will Now See Your Apps

Sceptics poo-poohed the advent of the iPad as a marketing gimmick, but when you consider more than 4 million have been sold and that PC sales are being affected, you know you’re on to a new tech wonder;.. I was impressed by the number of apps (short for applications) available for healthcare..and free too!

Top of the list and a must-have (and free!) is the layperson’s almanac on what condition he might be suffering from.

WebMD allows you to key in various data and comes up with a list of likely afflictions. Not only that, it allows you to see what drugs have been prescribed and what the possible effects (and side-effects) are. One customer review exclaimed “Helped save my wife’s life!”  but I would be happy if it would educate the patient what to expect before visiting the doctor.

Another useful app for diabetics (again free) is WaveSense Diabetes Manager, which allows you to fill in your glucose results, carb intake, and insulin doses. It then will plot a chart and graph to show your doctor at the next visit.

If you are keen on keeping track of the foods consumed and knowing the total calories consumed, then go for Go Meals. I was quite impressed with this one which fills you up with calorie values of foods, mainly fast foods at the moment though.

How about if you’re a blood pressure patient and wanted to impress your doctor with a graph tracking your BP readings? Take a look at Blood Pressure +Pulse Grapher Lite.

At the rate new apps are being offered, the iPad (and iPhone) looks like overwhelming the more traditional ones on the PC and Blackberry and will make iPad users have difficulty switching off. By the way, even when off, the iPad screen makes a good substitute for a vanity mirror!


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