Death of the Hard-Drive & Birth of the Apps

Of all the items in a shopping mall, perhaps the one with the shortest shelf life is probably computers and smart phones., if only because IT is advancing so rapidly. Even so, a big bug these products have is in the fragility of their hard disc. Anyone who has handled PCs,Macs and lap-tops, for instance, would have encountered one problem or another with their hard-disc drives.

So its not surprising then there is a distinct trend to move away from these solid fragile drives. Enter Google’s Chrome operating system unveiled last week and installed into Samsung and Acer computers. There’s no hard drives because all data is stored in online servers in cyberspace, in “clouds” so to speak. Would this mean the death of hard disc drives?

Some think it is unlikely; they’re just too deeply ingrained in what we do, at least for the time being. And even if they are ultimately pulled from computers,  one must remember that even if data is stored in online servers, these servers will still depend on hard disc drives!
With the advent of smart phones, so too has the vast number of apps that are available, of which health apps seem to predominate. Mobile health, or “mHealth,” is the latest craze among software designers and health industry companies that want to tap the potential of smart phones for purposes of health.
There’s a free iPhone app which will keep track of your blood pressure readings here.

There are now close to 6,000 consumer health apps, according to a review published in March by mobihealthnews, which reports on the mobile health industry, and more are being added every day. Many are free, or cost $1 to $10 to download.

I came across some interesting apps : there’s one that will estimate one’s blood alcohol concentration just in case you’re contemplating driving home from the pub.

And just in case you think your eyes are playing tricks, just download this app to test your vision: Eye Chart Pro.

You can find 100 Fabulous iPhone Apps for Your Health and Fitness here.


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