Abortions: Cry For Argentina

This South American country is considered one of the most liberal in Latin America, what with a female President and  legalised same-sex marriage in a predominantly Roman Catholic country.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner - Argentina's second female President, lawyer, mother of two, who replaced her husband as President

The largest Spanish-speaking country, it is renowned for its beef, wines and football. But, on the darker side, according to the Human Rights Watch, women and girls suffer needlessly in Argentina because of negligent and abusive reproductive health care. Argentina has the highest abortion rate in the world – a shocking 40%, double the average for any othe Latin American country.

Because abortion is banned (not surprising in this Roman Catholic country), illegal abortions are widespread. Legal abortions are allowed only if the mother’s health is medically at risk or when it is the result of rape, but even then there are several bureaucratic obstacles. As such, unsafe abortions form the leading cause of maternal mortality in Argentina.

The irony of it is that  the Argentine President was a strong advocate of human rights when she came into power – and yet, enforcement of womens’ reproductive rights have fallen to an all-time low. Well, the women are not taking it sitting down – female activists are now campaigning for legalised abortion and this looks imminent, after the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Female activists press for social justice - the banner reads "Ensure legal & free abortion"

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