Model’s Breastfeeding Boo-boo

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, has many things to be thankful about. Touted to be one of the world’s highest paid model, this Brazilian now lives in California with her football star husband.

After giving birth in December, she extolled the virtues of breast-feeding. Nothing wrong with that…except she insisted that it should be law that all mothers breastfeed for six months. This created an uproar, more so when it was discovered that she herself breast-fed for only 6 weeks (presumably the call of the catwalk became irresistible).

While women usually love taking parenting advice from role models & supermodels, it is understood this sentiment may have offended the millions around the world who cannot breastfeed for medical reasons.

“I think breastfeeding really helped [me keep my figure],” the 30-year-old added, further adding insult to injury to those who did not breastfeed. Because of the criticisms, Gisele finally backed down with an apology in her  blog.

What a shame. As she rightly put it, why feed your baby with milk belonging to another species? Its well-known that mother’s milk provides all the nutrients babies need; it protects against illness and infection, aids physical and mental development, and promotes a loving bond between mother and baby. That advantage extends to mothers as well – they have a lower risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer and tend to lose the weight they gained in pregnancy faster.

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3 responses

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  2. I am breastfeeding my baby for 10 months and I breastfed my 3 other kids and I enjoy it very much.

    I think we should encourage moms to breastfeed but absolutely not to force them.

    I think that this model shouls ask pardon fro all of the moms even those who breastfeed.

  3. Its very important that moms to breastfeed their children even when the mom is a little sick because the milk will contain antibody that will help the young child to develop Immune system.

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