The Heat Is On..the Other Stroke

For those complaining about the hot weather…spare a thought for those in the Indian subcontinent.

Record temperatures in northern India have claimed hundreds of lives in what is believed to be the hottest summer in the country since records began in the late 1800s.The death toll is expected to rise with experts forecasting temperatures approaching 50C (122F) in coming weeks. More than 100 people are reported to have died in the state of Gujarat where the mercury topped at 48.5C last week.

And what are people dying from? Food poisoning and heat stroke.

Its easy to see why food poisoning is rampant…lack of water, poor sanitation, stagnant streams – these all lead to contamination by bugs of drinking & cooking water.

Heat stroke is a different kettle of fish. It has nothing to do with blocked arteries or bacteria. Also known as advanced hyperthermia, it refers to the condition when the body produces or absorbs more heat than it can dissipate, much like a malfunctioning car radiator. The body temperature then climbs uncontrollaby, especially when dehydrated,  causing convulsions, coma and eventually death. The symptoms can sometimes be similar to a heart attack. For more, click here.

The Human Body is made up of 75% water and dehydration occurs when water intake is less than water loss

To Prevent Dehydration & Heat Stroke, the Most Important Measure is to Drink Water..Lots of It!

For those going to the World Cup in South Africa, it makes sense to arm themselves with lots of bottled water…but not coke,coffee or beer, as these aggravate dehydration!

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