What Are Good Friends For? A Longer Life!

There has been countless quotes, poetry and songs on the virtues of a good friendship. In the song co-written by Burt Bacharach What Are Good Friends For? , these lyrics that often keep repeating in one’s mind:

Keep smiling

Keep shining

Knowing you can always count on me,for sure

That’s what friends are for..

The video below shows how Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross and Whitney Houston appreciate what good friends are for..

And now, medical researchers are finding a powerful weapon to help fight illness, depression, hasten recovery, slow down aging and prolong life…your friends. An Australian study on older people discovered that those with a large circle of friends were 22% less likely to die in the 10 years of the study. A similar Harvard research showed that strong social ties will promote brain health as one ages.

I agree. The role of friends to one’s health has been under-appreciated, compared to marriage and family. Sure, there can be rotten apples in the barrel, but with good friends, they can bring a positive psychological impact on one’s well-being, as the above studies demonstrate. Another study of 3000 nurses with breast cancer even showed that friendship had an even greater positive effect on health than a spouse or family member.

Exactly why friends have such a big effect on health isn’t too clear – could it be the ‘feel-good’ factor? Or the physical and psychological support which lessens one’s stress levels? Whatever it is, the message that these studies point out is that friends do make your life better and healthier.

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7 responses

  1. Yup, agree with you on this one..For all those loners out there, get a buddy and see the difference!

  2. good friends give us the positive effect!!!Make an effort to make new friends always.Its great knowing someone new!

  3. May I copy this posting to my blog, please?

    1. Sure. Just retain the source in your blog.

  4. Yes I will. Thank you

  5. It’s a compliment to me when my daughter’s consider me their best friend. However I want them to have another person not me to be their best friend. I want my daughters to experience the love and support of a true friend. Friends are awesome!!!! They are the people who you call weekly and eat with. Or they are living in another city but when you have something to say you can call them and they are happy to hear from you. It’s amazing how good it feels when you send out a text message to your friends wishing them a wonderful day and the response back was appreciated because they know that I was thinking about them. I want to feel appreciated so I send out appreciation towards my friends. It’s just an awesome feeling when you yourself make a friends day .

  6. yup really shows me what friends are for but my Best friend is the one who is always starting our fights these days

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