Canadian Celebrations Create Controversy

The Canadian women’s ice hockey team won the gold medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics when they beat the US 2-0 yesterday. Well done! But few expected the whole team to re-enter the rink some 30 minutes later for a victory party that featured champagne, beer…and cigars!

The victory celebrations prompted the IOC president to launch an enquiry  soon after, but officials do not expect any official censure. After all, these were a group of youngsters toiling hard for 4 years to reach the pinnacle of success and they had to let off steam.

But many felt that the party was going overboard. OK, even the Formula One drivers indulge in champagne on the victors’ podium. But cigars? Its an undisputed fact that these are the harbingers of many lethal diseases! What kind of message are these athletes sending out to the youngsters? Some observers felt that it was ok to party once they have changed out of their team jerseys and doing it away from the glare of the media. But youthful enthusiasm knows no barriers. However, the team did issue an apology much later.

After all, who could blame them for their attention-seeking behaviour when the IOC President had earlier threatened  that if womens’ hockey did not improve and become more attractive, it would be axed at the next Games?

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2 responses

  1. Well, got to have to say that i looked at some of great encounters last week. But i have to say that it isnt said Canada will win with ease from our team. Once again Canada had some good luck today from Slovakia. America will be winning sunday with 5-2! Just a word: Yo Crosby! Grow a laugh at your face man!

  2. Sports personalities and public figures have a moral responsibility to lead the way!
    What kind of message are we giving to the kids watching this?

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