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Of Tennis, Line-Judges and Injuries

Watching the ball..line-judge in action at the 2009 Wimbleton (courtesy The Times)

If there’s any prizes at any Wimbleton tennis tournament, or for that matter any tennis tournament, they should go to the line-judges.

Spare a thought for these guys. Apart from being chastised and having the crowd howling in your back for a wrong decision, one can sometimes even have a racket threateningly waved in your direction with expletives included, as one unfortunate line-judge discovered when she called against Serena Williams at the US Open in September.

That aside, when a 150mph ball is hurtling towards you, thats like a car heading at twice the speed-limit at you. Surprisingly, there has not been much reports of injuries..hence no neccessity for face-masks and the like.

Eye injury seems to head the list, although there was a report about a groin injury (OUCH!) with subsequent blockage of the  femoral artery nearby. The only reported death was during a Stefan Edberg vs John McEnroe game in 1983 when Edberg struck the groin of the line-umpire while sitting, causing him to topple over, leading to a head injury from which he subsequently died from..

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