Heart Attack Burgers – Worth Dying For?

Situated somewhere in Arizona, USA is a burger restaurant with a difference. Owned by a Dr Jon (non AMA registered), it features several burgers on its prescription menu which are served by ‘nurses’. The specialty of the house is the Quadruple Bypass Burger, all 8,000 calories of it. By the way, that’s three times the daily calorie requirements of an adult male..

Called the Heart Attack Grill, ‘Dr’ Jon can be seen grilling the burgers,white coat and stethoscope included. He has attracted his share of controversy, from picketing nurses to being called a ‘nutritional pornographer’. But he appears undeterred and has finished writing a book – The Heart Attack Grill Diet – where he promises to “eat,drink and smoke your way to better health”.

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  2. Today, a well known fast food company offers a burger for RM1 which came out on local newspapers. However, the low price comes with terms and conditions. And they forgot to add in the extra calories.

  3. Doc, what actually are the ingredients in burgers that cause so much health problems?

    Doctor2008: Mainly fat and additives.

  4. I think that fast foods are addictive.
    Recently, McDonald had been giving away free burgers for those with newspaper coupons.
    It’s like cigarette companies giving away free fags to people, especially the young!
    Once hooked, hard to stop!!

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