Pandemic, Panic and Profits

Where there’s a pandemic, there’s profits to be made..and even the most reputable of companies will fall prey to their marketing strategists in order to boost the financial bottom-line. Take the case of the well-known pillar of health foods – Kellogg’s.


Take a closer look at the bottom half of the package and you can sniff the marketing overhype, especially as the world is facing the resurgence of the H1N1 pandemic. Not only is the claim misleading but the timing bad, especially when the H1N1-conscious public is grappling with the shortage of flu vaccines. Some city councils have sent letters to the US FDA asking Kellogg’s to back its claim.(The FDA has jurisdiction over false or misleading labeling. FDA officials are not permitted to discuss specific cases under consideration and declined to comment on this one.)

I’ve written in an earlier posting Pandemic,Panic and Profits”,  about the way some multinationals are using  herd psychology in these troubled times to imply, by soft association, the link between H1N1 infection and various remedies. But this one takes the cake..the FDA may have the last word yet..

Update 6 Nov 2009: Kellogg Co just announced that they will pull out the immunity claims from all their cereal boxes. See here.

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  1. Looks like Kellogg, being a responsible multinational, decided to pull out the plug after all!

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