Healthcare Nowadays..(9): Fat Fee


Australia's struggle with the Battle of the Bulge..supersized ambulances

As a sign of the prevalence of obese people, special ambulances have been designed to transport them in times of an emergency. Transporting extremely heavy people costs about 2 1/2 times as much as normal-weight patients. It takes more time to move them and requires three to four times more crew members.

Several communities in the US have now began to charge up to double the rates for transporting the obese. Read more.

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  1. Checked your blog to get your email address (feedback on Farida).

    Wow – it gets better and better. Very slick and professional looking, great content, and I see you have an international readership.



  2. I think the major cause of obesity are a carefree lifestyle and fast food.

  3. I feel that people especially the younger one should be educated about healthy lifestyles and diets to prevent obesity.
    ..for sure! saysDoctor2008

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