Vaccines: Damn If You Do, Damn If You Don’t

They say in the USA, 3000 people have a heart attack every day, so if it happened to you soon after receiving the swine flu vaccine, would you blame in on the vaccination  and not on the smoking, fried foods, lack of exercise, high blood pressure and the like?

A similar dilemma faced the NHS Trust in the UK a few days ago when a 14 year-old girl died soon after receiving a cervical cancer vaccine, as part of the ongoing national cervical cancer immunisation programme which has seen 1.4 million schoolgirls so far  already been given this vaccine. The NHS Trust denies that the death was due to the vaccine  and pins it down to a “serious underlying medical condition”, says the BBC. (Update 5th Oct 2009: It has since been confirmed that the cause of death was a large tumor in the chest involving the lungs and heart, according to the coroner. See here )


Side-effects of Cervarix reported so far in UK

There’s no denying any vaccine, for that matter, any medication, will carry some form of side-effect. In fact, the cervical cancer vaccine (Cervarix) is widely recognised to carry quite a few, albeit minor.(see diagram).

While these side-effects are minor, it just needs a major catastrophe to cause parents to react in alarm. A possible cause of death in this young girl  could be anaphylaxis ( a form of severe allergic reaction which is sometimes fatal if no immediate treatment is given), which can happen to anybody given practically any drug, although the incidence is quite rare.

Back to swine flu. Many countries, including the US, are embarking on a mass flu vaccination programme in a few weeks. In the US, health authorities hope to vaccinate well over half the population in just a few months against swine flu, which doctors call the 2009 H1N1 strain. That’s 150 million shots. So can you imagine the probable number of untoward side-effects that’s going to surface?


Half the population of the USA are going to receive H1N1 flu shots - who benefits and what are the risks?

In the case of the swine flu vaccine, the inherent risk is going to be higher; simply because this experimental vaccine did not undergo the necessary full safety trials in view of the haste in which its production had needed to go ahead (for the technically minded, many of these vaccines have been tested up to Phase 2 only).

In children and infants, the swine flu vaccine is going to be even more hazardous. Read this article from Bristol University “Top ten reasons why Children should avoid the H1N1 flu vaccine”.

The recurring question that the public is going to ask is “How do we know the vaccine’s safe?”. In truth , we don’t know..

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2 responses

  1. i think proper handling and storing of any types of vaccines is of utmost importance before even administering to patients-am i right?

    Doctor2008 says: Definitely! In fact, there are several other issues which can determine how safe a commercially-available vaccine is: for instance, the type of added chemicals used (Vaccine fillers) and multi-dose vials, where several needles are used which can be contaminated with diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B.

  2. I would like to know if this vaccine is so safe and necessary. Why hasn’t our President and family received it. Or any of the Senators, Congressmen, Cabinet Members, Head of the CDC, Secretary of State, Vice President, and of our govenors. Anyone other than the children getting the live vaccine, why hasn’t the Presidents family gotten this? Or any of the Senators or Congressmens families? Why isn’t being given to our military if it is so nessceary. I am in treatment for breast cancer. I have done my homework with all the drugs I am receiving finding all the good and bad effects. But I at least am not in the dark of what to expect from them. We really haven’t heard anything about this vaccine other than ITS SAFE. We have heard that before with other drugs and months or years later being told they had terrible side effects. I really think the news media needs to find out why we are being lead but our leaders aren’t leading us.
    Thank You
    I would really love to get a reply to this with some anwers. Since you can do the investigating. You can do the TRUE REPORTING

    Doctor2008 replies: As stated in my posting, there are several reasons why one can expect side-effects especially when you are mass-immunising. The health authorities have set up an efficient monitoring system, so we will hear more about this in the next few weeks.

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