Too Tired? Take Coffee!

..That’s the advice by the Queensland State government to their doctors who have been working on 30-80 hour non-stop shifts. This advice is contained in a 102-page Queensland Health Fatigue Risk Management System in response to a complaint  that public hospital patients were dying because dangerously tired medics were being forced to work up to 80 hours without a break.(see the Reuter’s report)


Coffee..postponing fatigue and sleep deprivation, but at what cost?

The document recommends 400 milligrams of coffee (6 cups of coffee) as a fatigue fighter, so that the exhausted doctors can continue their duties.  600 milligrams? That’s enough to cause heart palpitations, raised blood pressure, dizziness, anxiety and hand tremors! Not to mention caffeine dependence and addiction.

The background for this astonishing strategy appears to be mainly due to Australia’s ailing public hospital system which is managed by state governments like Queensland, with federal government support. Gross inefficiencies and the rising cost of healthcare have led to insufficient funding and staff shortages. In a scenario similar to the US, urgent healthcare reform is on the cards and Kevin Rudd is seriously considering a  federal government takeover.

Back to coffee..lets not forget its beneficial effects. Its a rich source of anti-oxidants like chlorogenic acid and melanoidins. It also helps to prevent diabetes,Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The jury is still out on whether it causes heart disease although it is known to increase blood pressure. Read more about the health effects of coffee in my earlier posting  “Losing Sleep Over Coffee”.

Thanks to Fidel for drawing attention to this news report.


The Benefits of Plain Coffee is Neutralised by Adding Sugar & Milk such as Those Found in Coffee Outlets

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3 responses

  1. Its funny, but I can take a full mug and yet be able to doze off like a baby.
    How do you explain this??

    doctor2008 :This is a medical enigma – no research has found out the real reason why caffeine has opposite effects in different people.

  2. One cup is enough to give me heart palpitations and hand tremors, although the effect varies with the type. Malaysian local white coffee is kinder, but not Nescafe!

    Doctor2008 comments: Its quite predictable..the effects of caffeine which is dose-related. Its just that some of us are more sensitive than others..

  3. Hi there I enjoyed your article. I believe that it is crucial when discussing diabetes to at least refer to natural remedies that have been shown to be effective in controlling high blood sugar. Various natural herbs can be including in a diabetics regimen that can help preserve a healthy glucose level.

    Doctor2008: Some natural remedies have been proven to lower blood glucose, but it is important to remember they behave like allopathic medicine – if you don’t take them on a regular basis, the diabetes will get worse. It is a fallacy to say that natural remedies can CURE diabetes.

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