What’s In A Name? Plenty!

If you were a smoker and you had to make a choice between the following, which would you choose?


Chances are you’ll go for the one on the right- because you would believe it to be healthier and easier to give up.These confirm the results of a survey which showed that subtle branding on cigarette packets are misleading smokers into believing some products are less harmful than others.

The truth is that all cigarettes are equally hazardous, regardless of what colour the pack is or what words appear on it. This is part of a marketing ploy by cigarette companies to give a false sense of reassurance to consumers that really do not exist.

And the authorities are coming in hard on this mis-information – since 2002 it has been illegal under EU legislation for manufacturers to use trademarks, text or any sign to suggest that one tobacco product is less harmful than another. This includes terms such as “low tar“, “light” and “mild“. In the US since 2006, after a historic 7-year court trial, the US Department of Justice stopped America’s big cigarette makers from using similar terms.


Cigarette Displays Are Now Banned in the UK, with More Countries Following Suit

Just as well..cardiologists like myself have seen enough of the ravages due to smoking to call it the public murderer number 1.

And to my friend who said that low-tar cigarettes were ‘okay’, let me remind him not to forget about nicotine (the amount of which is unaltered in such cigarettes) and its terrible effects on the heart and blood vessels.

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3 responses

  1. I must say I have been misled into thinking that low-tar cigs would also be low in nicotine.
    What are the effects of each?

    Doctor2008 says: In short, tar is what you inhale into the lungs and causes lung damage, like bronchitis and lung cancer.
    Nicotine, otoh, can enter the body via the tongue and mouth cavity (as in cigar-smoking and tobacco chewing) to cause disease in the blood vessels and the heart.

  2. Just back from the Edinburgh Festival where it is easier to get a place to sit indoors these days as going al fresco is ‘cool’ for die-hard smokers despite the often cold & wet summer days and nights.

    Care to comment on the OZ (Queensland) remedy for sleep-deprived docs? 6 cups of coffee/caffeine pills !!

    Doctor2008 comments: Isn’t it great to have a smoke-free ambience? The downside is that pedestrians need to be extra-careful when walking on the pavement/sidewalk as these get awfully congested! Watch my next posting..thanks for the pointer.

  3. i was on 50 cigarettes a day-thank God i managed to quit the habit 15 years ago.

    Doctor2008 says: Congrats! Maybe you can share how you managed to quit?

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