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Viagra Coffee – Keeps You Up All Night?

In times of recession, business entities have got to be innovative, so who can fault those guys responsible for mixing two aphrodisaics (one established and one speculative) and marketing them as a sure-cure for flagging poles! 🙂

Malaysian health authorities had seized several shipments of coffee mixed with viagra and sold in sachets and promising to perk up, in more ways than one, drinkers (see here). The brands that were pulled from store shelves included Kopi Pahlawan, Coffee Hari2-mau Power X2, Jamu Tenaga Lelaki, Bio Trim BTB and Kopi Tenaga Tok Lebai Plus. Just to give an extra fillip to consumers, there were 3 brands which not only contained sildenafil, but also had added tadalafil (Cialis). Talk about great marketing!

If anything, these coffee merchants, though innovative, were not original in their ideas; as the Simpsons were the first to moot this idea:

Just in case you didn’t know, its dangerous to drink this coffee as sildenafil, the active ingredient of Viagra, can cause low blood pressure and fast heart-beats (which is also caused by the caffeine in coffee), can can lead susceptible persons to a heart-attack.

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