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Sexual Recession – Get Free Viagra

If the  above headline looks like one of the many spam mails in your email box, I do apologise. But both sexual recession and free Viagra are indeed happening.

The present economic recession has created a lot of anxiety, depression and stress -these can wreck havoc on one’s libido and lead to deflation of impotence2the sexual kind, aka impotence aka erectile dysfunction(ED). By the way, just to set things right – many are confused between libido and impotence. Suffice to say that libido means sexual drive whilst impotence means failure in erection. Hence, ladies do not really get impotence because they do not need to stand to perform, but a couple’s sex life will all but disappear if the husband cannot rise to the occasion!

Many sex therapists have coined the term sexual recession to account for this phenomenon. One such therapist warns here that it is important for couples to talk it out before false accusations of infidelity arise because one partner is ‘disinterested’ in sex.


Viagra - among the 40 Drugs to be distributed free to the unemployed in the US

Meanwhile, the world’s biggest drug-maker Pfizer announced May 14th that it will provide 70 of its most widely prescribed drugs — including the wonder-drug Viagra — for 1 year free to people who have lost their jobs and health insurance during the recession. In a move seen to be a public relations exercise as well as an attempt to prevent patients switching to cheaper generic versions, this gesture of goodwill may backfire.

Already, criticisms are coming hard and fast.. ranging from accusations of encouraging the unemployed to have more babies and worsening their financial status, to being sexist as the drug is not seen to benefit women!

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