Swine Flu – A Misnomer

For those who think that they cannot get Swine Flu as long as they do not come into close contact with pigs, recent research has shown that this is not true for at least two reasons:  the virus responsible ( Influenza A H1N1) has been shown to adapt and change readily with the common flu viruses, so that transmission is possible from human to human. This was not the case with the Avian Flu outbreak in 2003 which started in China as the virus responsible (H5N1) was not able to change as readily, so the outbreak among humans fizzled out. See the Bloomberg report here.


The Swine Flu Virus - just like Human Flu and Avian Flu, there are no specific antidotes

With the rapidness of air-travel and the fact that passengers are cooped up in an enclosed space for hours, its not surprising that the World Health Organisation (WHO) called the outbreak a “public health emergency of international concern” , with 81 Mexicans succumbing so far. Eleven cases in California, Kansas and Texas, all of them mild, have been connected as well, and at least eight students in New York are being tested for whether they match the Mexico strain, health officials said.

Here are some FAQs about Swine Flu (more details from the CDC website):


As there is no specific treatment for this potential epidemic, many countries have resorted to screening passengers who have just been to Mexico; but if this illness rapidly spreads across borders, we may very well see health screening procedures at major airports around the world (remember the SARS epidemic in 2003?).

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  1. Scary. I like the advice given by one US health officer: “Stay 6ft away from other people!” Ha ha, how does one do that? So stay home, be a hermit.

    And as usual, the conspiracy theorists have their own take on this.
    Ahh, we do live in interesting times.

  2. Here, the Malaysian health minister is saying not to travel to Mexico, New York, Texas and wherever and whenever cases are detected. Easier said than done! Shouldn’t the focus be on screening all arriving passengers for fever using thermal scanners like during the SARS epidemic?

    Doctor2008 replies: You do have a point there. With the rapidity of air-travel it will be a matter of time before the virus spreads all over the world. The health authorities need to conserve their efforts towards more effective ways of prevention. Those thermal scanners were effective before and many countries have already acquired them during the SARS epidemic previously

  3. Doc,

    Interesting… But what triggered this Swine Flu? It would be good to know the trigger and I suppose that means understanding the root cause and not just symptoms… Would I be correct?

    I suppose despite human progress in the field of medicine, there is still much to learn and understand.

    Doctor2008 says: Viruses, like all living things, struggle to maintain their well-being and existence. They are dependent for their food on hosts, but when their hosts develop immunity and destroy them, they need to change and find new hosts. It can be as simple as that 🙂

  4. Nice article. Here’s my latest web comic about the whole thing:


  5. I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks!

  6. I dunno but there quite alot of people that keep saying that “It is all part of the federal government’s plan. They have made this flu up. Where are the pictures of any casualty. Where are they? YOu know what pictures we have, we have proof that 9/11 was an inside job done by Bush. We have proof of FEMA concentration camps for people that do not agree with them. We have proof that the bankers and the Rothschild family are the ones that caused this big crash. We know that Obama is one of the NWO. He is also an illuminati scum. He is not the people’s president, he is the slave of UN and the NWO. There is no such thing as the swine flu. This is Obama’s 9/11 cover-up!”. I hope this flu epidemic clears out as soons as possible. Too much conspiracing rise about this and all..

    1. I agree 100%.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  7. thanks for ur full information

  8. Excellent article, and the entire blog in general, thanks.

  9. tks 4 all the info i really needed it 4 my project

    thanks again ❤

  10. […] and several hundred people but never gained genes to spread easily among humans. This is unlike the swine flu virus (H1N1) which readily affects humans and spread rapidly in 2008 from Mexico to the US and […]

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