Losing Weight – Its Not How Much You Eat, Its What You Eat

If the results of a new research study are to be taken seriously, it really doesn’t matter what kind of diet you’re on, the results are eventually going to be the same in terms of weight loss.


Whether its a Fillet-O'-Fish (400 cal)..


..or a Starbucks slice of cake(390 cal)..


..or Oriental Chicken-Rice (400 cal), Its the Calories That Count!

Whether you’re dreaming to be a Beyonce look-alike willing to die to diet and look like her, or you’re on a strict doctor’s demand to recover from a coronary, there’s never been so many diets out there than ever before.  Among the more popular ones are:

Atkins: High protein, low carbohydrate
WeightWatchers: A points system to count calories
Rosemary Conley: Low fat, low sugar
Slim Fast: Low-fat shakes replacing b’fast and lunch.
In an earlier posting “Popular Diets a Health Threat – or Not?”, I had pointed out that whichever one you choose, the above diets were effective and “carried no health threats”, according to the Nutrition Journal.
In this new study from the American College of Cardiology (see here), overweight adults were put for 2 years on 4 different diets: 1) low-fat, average-protein ; 2) low-fat, high-protein; 3) high-fat, average-protein ; and 4) high-fat, high-protein. Similar foods were used in all diets.
The result? Whichever diet they were put on, they all lost the same weight (an average of 3.6kg), mostly in the first 6 months. What’s more, the diets were well-tolerated and had similar satisfaction.
The take-home message – among overweight patients, a reduced calorie diet was principally important for long-term weight loss and not the proportion of fat, protein, and carbohydrates in the diet. So, keep counting the calories!
Check the calorie counts of some popular fast-foods here and here.
Into Malaysian foods? Click here.

3 responses

  1. Hi Doc,

    Apparently, pure honey also helps in reducing weight. It does make you go to the toilet more regularly. Malaysia has too many good food and can’t afford to let them go to waste!

    Of course exercise is a must!

  2. I did the cleanse for 14 days in March 07. I’m a big guy and normally eat more than 4000 calories per day. So I thought I would be really hungry but surprisingly I wasn’t. Certainly there were times when I was but overall it wasn’t that hard. You find out how much of your eating is habit or boredom and not really caused by hunger. My energy levels were also high, in fact some nights I had trouble sleeping. I seem to have permanent phlegm in my upper throat. At day 12 it seemed to loosen up and I’ve never been sure if it was coincidence or if I was on the verge of really getting rid of it. Next week I’ll start my second cleanse and this time I’ll go longer. I prefer using limes to lemons!

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    Very nice information.

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