Mending A Stroke In Time

Most people do not know the five warning signs of a stroke and what to do if they suspect one. This was the research finding from a presentation at an International Stroke Conference in San Diego,California today. This aside, from my personal interactions with members of the public, quite a few did not also know that a stroke has nothing to do with the heart.

Briefly, a stroke is either due to bursting or blockage of one of the blood vessels in the brain, causing possible permanent injury to the part of the brain that is affected.


2 Kinds Of Stroke: Here, due to a burst blood vessel..


..and here, due to a blood-clot causing a blockage.

What are the warning signs?

The research study confirmed what many doctors know : most people do not know the 5 warning signs that herald an impending stroke. If only they did; because if treatment is given early in hospital, quite a bit of the permanent complications could be minimised, if not avoided.


Advice from the American Stroke Association: when these signs occur, get to hospital quick

Why the Urgency To Get To Hospital?

Because stroke is a medical emergency. If given through the veins within three hours of the start of symptoms, a clot-busting drug called tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) can reduce long-term disability for the most common type of stroke, by dissolving the clot that caused the blockage.  In some cases, the stroke may be completely cured. Read more here.

In areas where ambulance service is poor, it makes sense to get to the hospital as soon as you can…because time lost is brain lost.

See also my latest article “Striking Away Stroke”

8 responses

  1. Thanks for the tip. Is there an easier way to remember stroke warning signs?

    Doctor2008 says: Another way is to use the first three letters of the word ‘stroke’.
    S for smile – ask the patient to smile.
    T for talk – ask the patient to say a simple sentence.
    R for raise – ask the patient to raise his arms.

  2. Thanks again for very important info in layman’s language.

  3. Would you explain more the 5 warning signs that herald an impending stroke, please?


    Leo Ginting

    Doctor2008 says: Refer to my other posting “Striking Away Stroke”.

  4. Dr Douglas Cordell | Reply

    Would you give me permision to use the images of haemorrhagic and ischaemic stroke for my lectures to first year occupational health students at the Curtin University of Technology in Perth Western Austraila

    The source would be clearly acknowledged

    Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible

    Kind regards

    Dr Douglas Cordell

    Doctor2008 replies: Permission granted!

  5. To Doctor 20008 many thanks for your prompt reply and permission
    much appreciated

    Douglas Cordell

  6. HI’
    I’m a nursing teacher in college de Maisonneuve in Montreal. I’d like your permission to use the stroke images on this page to add to a power point for my students.
    Thanks in advance

    Odette Sindon
    514-254-7131 poste 4230

    Doctor2008: No problem

  7. Hi,

    I am an emergency room RN and am doing a powerpoint on stroke for the general staff at our hospital. I would like to have permission to use the stroke images in my powerpoint please.

    Thank you,

    Doctor2008>: Sure, go ahead. Would appreciate though if you would acknowledge the source. Cheers.

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