For The Health of All..Watch the New Media

So sanity has prevailed. I’m referring to the previous blog entry on the Malaysian blooper of the year award. News just received has indicated that the public company concerned had dropped its plans ” based on public sentiment and feedback it received”.

The public will welcome this news, especially after the mainstream media had remained unerringly silent and the expression of public opinion being almost totally left to blogs, online news portals and emails…the New Media.

Indeed, the leaders and governments of today worldwide, for their own health, need to listen hard to the New Media as it appears to wield a heavy hand in influencing public opinion . Why, the term New Media has only a few days ago gained recognition in 2009’s new terms you need to know when Wikipedia meant it to encompass the emergence of digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technologies in disseminating information and views. Read more of it here.


The New Media...a force to be reckoned with

3 responses

  1. yup… that’s right… the power of new media is tremendous… I’m sure of it.

  2. Even Obama has capitalised on the New Media. The only problem is that there are still security issues which need to be addressed – even his Twitter has been hacked!

  3. I find it entertaining that a little graph I pulled together in Keynote a couple of years ago has gotten so much attention from sites.

    Perhaps the post that went with it is worth a read?

    Doctor2008 replies: If you were the original creator, due credit must be given! Thanks.

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