Smokers’ Graveyard

Full marks to the artist that drew this ceiling mural in a smokers’ lounge located in a hospital. I am reproducing this from an earlier post “Identifying Kids Who Will Smoke” as I cannot help but feel impressed with the message it imparts, as you can see by the expression of the guy on the left. Thanks to DAB.


5 responses

  1. Thank God, I am not a smoker.

  2. For a start before you state my bias for me I am a smoker and have smoked for around 4/5 years. The problem I have with this mural though is that all smokers are quite aware that is seriously damaging their health to the point where they can die from it. However i do not see the point of having a mural like this to laugh in the face of people who already know the mistake they made. I’m aware that this is supposed to make smokers think a little more about what they are doing but I don’t beleive that it will actual help anyone to actually QUIT smoking only make them feel bad. It seems to me that the only thing this murial does is give power to the painter of this murial over the smokers that view it, as I can make an educated guess that the painter was a non smoker.

    I am open however to different viewpoints on this, it just seems that way to me.



  3. Referring to 6crowley9’s comments above, the mural is justified to me, as it is located in a health establishment; and it is the owner’s prerogative to impart any message which is in line with the establishment’s mission and objectives!

  4. I see your point however it would would not be encouraging smoking by not having the murial. It therefore would be in line with the establishments missions and objectives but simply allows freedom of choice



  5. I am writing an art criticism of this mural. Could someone please provide the source of this piece? The artist?

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