Health Alert (3): Bovril recalled by Maker for Suspected Contamination

Bovril beef

Unilever in the UK, the makers of that world-renowned thick salty beef extract, Bovril, has recalled some 15,000 jars today after routine checks of their jars revealed traces of the bacteria Salmonella, (one of the causes of food poisoning) reports BBC News. This revelation comes closely to the unrelated recent outbreak of Salmonella in the USA which has been attributed to contaminated chilli peppers.

Bovril is a popular ‘beef tea’ drink especially in France, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore and China and is solely manufactured in the UK at its factory in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. It has been drunk by generations and is featured also as a popular ingredient in many local recipes.

Unilever says the recalled jars only affect those with best-before-end date of January 2010 with batch codes of L8201XX795, L8206XX795, L8207XX795, L8208XX795 and L8207XX795.

So far, it is not known whether any of the affected batches have found their way overseas.

4 responses

  1. thanks for the heads up. my bovril is ok but i will pass the word on.

  2. Sweet job! Thanks for the info.

  3. In the USA we do not use Bovril.

    We prefer to destroy one agricultural sector after another with declarations that tomatoes, jalapenos, and serranos are the problem. The famous rain barrel on a Mexican farm is the latest culprit. The Mexicans claim the rain barrel has no connection to irrigation.

    If you buy the current pepper blame, you probably bought into the tomato blame also.

    The FDA and CDC look like Key Stone Cops running in circles beating themselves over the head rather than conducting good epidemiology on this outbreak.

    While the public cannot be sure peppers are the culprit now, we can be assured the FDA, and by extension the CDC, are untrustworthy.

    That is bad news for everyone.

  4. Thanks for the info but I’ve been looking to buy Bovril Beef for a long time but can only find vegetarian or yeast extract Bovril. Can anyone help?

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