Identifying Kids Who Will Smoke

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School can identify which kids will end up smoking by asking them 2 questions:

  1. How easy is it for you to get cigarettes?
  2. Do you have friends who smoke?

If the answers are ‘yes’, then it is likely that they will end up smoking later in high school.

I guess it boils down to identifying this target group so that antismoking measures can be implemented.

Speaking of which, I came across this uniquely-designed smoking lounge with a ceiling mural sent to me by e-mail (source unknown) :

An Effective Anti-Smoking Measure?

An Effective Anti-Smoking Measure?

Just in case you didn’t know that nicotine is the main culprit for heart disease and tar is the one that causes cancer; or that tobacco contains over 19 known cancer-causing chemicals  and more than 4,000 other chemicals, there’s a single-pager on the effects of smoking here.


One response

  1. I hope things change soon. This would be a good thing for our country.

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