Managing Anger

Take a look at this video:

Such scenes are commonplace in today’s world. Whether its road rage or on the football field, excessive displays of anger are becoming rather frequent.

Psychologists agree that anger is a permissible human reaction, in response to an unpleasant situation. Who wouldn’t  be if some driver were to smash into your new car? 😦

But when the response to anger becomes excessively inappropriate, manifested as violence,recklessness and abusiveness – it becomes a harmful emotion to oneself as well. For such people, anger management offers a helping hand.

So what is anger management?  These are strategies to help control anger, the first step of which is to admit the existence of a problem which, if left unchecked, is going to cause loss of quality of life and eventually loss of work,family and friends.

Anger management courses and programs have become established nowadays. Take a look here. Looking for some simple tips? See here.

One of the better anger management books that I have come across is the one by Dr Tony Fiore with his 8 tools of anger control.


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  1. This is a very useful post, not just for me but posibly for those who might visit my one-day-old blog. I’m going to figure out how to connect this one to my blog.

    I’m very new in blogging, and my (rather personal) site is centred around “Treatment and Rehabilitation of one’s self from drug addiction”. It’s at

    I have finally realised that “It’s *how we respond* to things that are more important than the things that had happened to us in the first place. And learning and training one’s self to control anger is a crucial element towards improving our responses to these.
    – Ahmad

  2. Hahaha. The video reminds me of the brilliant movie ‘Office Space’ by Mike Judge.

  3. […] found a very useful post here. This doctor, apparently, is also from Malaysia. I had initially known about it from Rocky’s […]

  4. My best anger management is that when I see something annoing or stupid, it makes me……laugh! 🙂
    Beacause nothing is really serious in this word, and there is no reason to be angry at all. People who get angry look rediculous!

  5. Ah, five months later and I’m back at this post! My first comment – it was my first day with my own blog…

    Had seen something at Facebook where someone mentioned his problem in managing anger. Glad I remember this post, because I found the links to quite a number of very good articles from here. I hope the guy at Facebook comes over and have a look at them.

    Doctor2008 says: Welcome back! One thing you dont have to manage is your memory, for sure. 🙂

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