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Smokers Offered Money To Give Up

Want to avoid cancer? What’s the most important lifestyle measure that you can do?

Take a look at the following diagram from WHO:

It tells us two things:

  1. 40% of cancers are preventable.
  2. The single most lifestyle measure is..you guessed it..stop smoking.

The big headache for health prevention experts worldwide is how to implement effective control programs, taking into account the above two facts.

So it was quite something else when the BBC reported that the National Health Service was going to implement an innovative scheme to provide GBP 150 per person to buy groceries in return for quitting smoking for 12 weeks. Read this here.

So how are they going to know if someone had actually quit smoking? Well, they have to report weekly to nominated chemists and undergo a carbon monoxide breath test. If it is negative, then they will be paid weekly. Sounds pragmatic, doesnt it?

Some quarters may yell “bribery and corruption” …but, at least, it may prove more effective than the millions of dollars of anti-smoking ads that are being poured into the mass media which so far has brought questionable results..

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