Malaysia – one of the top 5 health tourism spots in the world

Online US investment news service NuWire Investor ( recently listed the top five medical tourism destinations which they believe present the most attractive opportunities for investors alike.

And Malaysia scored third in this ranking. Here’s what NuWire had to say about this country:

Malaysia attracts investors for its favorable exchange rate, political and economic stability and high rate of literacy. The real-estate market offers the potential for significant returns.

As a firm believer of the health tourism potential of Malaysia, I have consistently stated in the monthly Kuala Lumpur international airport newletter KLIA News ( the great potential this country has.

Some of the main reasons why health tourism is on the increase include:

  1. the medical staff are highly-trained, mainly along British standards, as Malaysia was once a British colony.
  2. almost every medical staff speaks English.
  3. Staff are from diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds which reflects the multicultural nature of the country.
  4. healthcare standards are closely monitored by the Ministry of Health which licences these facilities.
  5. affordability and price competitiveness

5 responses

  1. Veliko Tarnovo | Reply

    There are great places for medical tourism in Bulgaria, too. You should write about that country, too

  2. Have heard that it offers expertise in cosmetic and dental surgery. Would love to hear from those who have experienced it.

  3. Are you sure about this whole Malaysia health thing? I heard horrid stories regarding the way they treat patients.

  4. Fadzli,
    Perception and reality are two different things. Just talk to any of the foreign patients that have come to Malaysia to get a first-hand view.

  5. Nice to hear that Malaysia is one of the top 5 health tourism spots in the world,my hearty congratulations.

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